Weave Hair Extensions Melbourne

Weave / Weft Hair Extensions Melbourne

Weave Hair Extensions Melbourne

Weave Hair Extensions full head of 18-20″ hand tied weft hair- $500-550
Weave Hair Extensions full head of 22″ hand tied weft hair – $600

With this Offer at Weave Hair Extensions Melbourne we use only premium 100%EUROPEAN Remy Human cuticle intact hand-tied weft 100g.

Hand-tied Weft is the finest quality hair you can get.

Every piece of precious hair is weaved in by hands. It takes a long time and great skills to produce one weft. It is completely free from any type of chemical such as relaxer, perm, silicone.

Our hair is “cuticle hair” meaning that the cuticles are kept intact and each hair strand is facing one direction. Therefore it is very fine and expensive.

Since the weaved joint is very thin it results in the most naturally looking, light and invisible hair extensions.

Weft Hair Extensions takes a lot of skills to apply and they are most gentle on your natural hair.

The tracking foundation is created with special micro beads arranged in a unique pattern. This method eliminates the need for a braid. Then the hand-made weft is added with an extraordinary stitching method.

 Weave Hair Extensions full head of 22″ machine tied weft hair- $550
 Our Machine weft is made of premium 100% Remy EUROPEAN hair! Limited Colours only!

Since the hair is sewn in together by a machine, it is a little bit cheaper than the hand-tied weft, but the hair quality is the same.

It is completely free from any type of chemical & tangle free.

We use braidless sew-in method which is very gentle on your hair and completely invisible! It requires no braids, no

Weave Hair Extensions Melbourne CBD

cornrows, no heat, no glue – NO DAMAGE to your own hair!

The braidless sew-in technique  eliminates bulkiness throughout the hair, leaves no bumps, and gives more flexibility with styling as far as putting your hair into an updo style or a high ponytail without any visible extensions. It also allows your scalp to breathe and helps with thorough cleansing when washing your hair. Because the attachment part is very fine the hair dries much quicker after the wash.

The ideal candidate for the braidless sew-in is someone with the minimum of ten cm of hair or more. The extensions will last about six to eight weeks depending on how fast your natural hair grows before re-application and a full head takes around one and a half hours to do.

We can match any natural colour and tips and we have all colours in stock!

Fitted weft stays secure at all time & looks perfectly natural, is very comfortable to wear and easy to brush.

100% Craftsmanship Guarantee!

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